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Monday, September 19, 2005

At Last!

The new blog is finally open for business! It isn't quite perfect yet but it'll have to do for now. It's called Betty Crocker Syndrome in homage to my habit of baking and cooking when I am depressed, angry, frustrated or otherwise near insanity.

Look around, it's much prettier than this green shell and has some fun features as well. One thing you won't find yet is a blogroll. Part of my fatigue with blogging was the nearly unavoidable social clique-iness that seems to surround it. I needed a break from that. I think that eventually there will be links but for now your comments will serve as a list of those I consider allies in the blog world. I've been down long enough to have weeded out the fair weather readers, so to speak.

So. Why are you still here??? Go read, leave me a comment, make the new place feel like home!


Monday, September 12, 2005

Stalling for time...

For those of you who have gently complained that the new blog thing is taking too long I would like to direct your attention to my latest post at Infinite Monkeys. I would be getting more done at the new blog but it just so happens that I am now EMPLOYED. That's right. I am actually getting paid to sit at my computer typing in my pajamas. Which is exactly what I do most of the day anyway. Not to mention, I am now a local celebrity as the post at infinite Monkeys will explain.

I swear, on my old faithful green template that I'll post a link to the new and improved place soon!

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