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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Selfish Moment

My husband stumbled across a job opening at a software company about an hour south of here. He's enjoyed his current position but lately there are a lot of changes going on at the college where he teaches. Those changes have made for some tense days and it was on one of these tense days that he sent his resume to the aforementioned software company. Much to his surprise they are very interested and have already interviewed him by phone. If they offer him the job they will likely offer him a salary of about $20,000 more dollars a year than what he makes at the college. The only downside will be the commute, an hour both ways. While that may not sound terrible you'd have to know my husband's hatred for long days and long drives to understand. Plus, our little one would likely loose her spot at the college's preschool and she really likes it there.

I have always bent over backwards to support his decisions when it comes to his career. When he chose to take his current job which meant a huge cut in pay so he could live in the country and be happier I supported it despite my serious concerns. Now, I understand that taking this lead programmer job would put him right back in the unpleasant situation he was in before he started teaching. (Long days stuck in a vault on a military base coding super secret crap for a government contract.) Still, part of me, the selfish part that needs new shoes and wants new furniture, satellite TV and a whole bunch of other things that cost money, is screaming for him to TAKE THE JOB. So I just keep biting my tongue and telling myself that he'll make the best choice for all of us but I'm not so sure.

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