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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Well decisions have been made and secret plans developed. Templates are being hacked and creativity is running amuck. I will be moving. I don't want anyone getting their panties in a twist. I'm not leaving or abandoning anyone or anything. I will still be the flirty, deviant, melodramatic, blogger I have always been. I'll just have a new address and new attitude. Think of it as the well rounded version of me. A fantastic casserole of who I am, a wife, a mother, writer, unwilling convert to the rural south, maker of fine baked goods and sexy, sexy bitch*. I am really excited about the new place. It should be up within a week or so and although I am dying to tell everyone all about it, that would ruin the surprise. Rest assured the 4 of you (or maybe 5) that are still checking in on me will be rewarded with the new and improved URL very soon!

*This sentence highly influenced by Jodi-isms

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